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The Raiders, a non-profit organization, skate out of SkateQuest of Reston. It is a twin-rink facility just off the Dulles Toll Road in Reston, well-positioned to serve the Northern Virginia and metro D.C. area. Read More

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Fairfax County Fire & Rescue is offering basic First Aid and...
Raiders Team Photos - Week of October 22nd
The Raiders will hold their annual photo week from October 22-26....
Raiders 10U 2008 Blue Wins Congressional Cup
Reston Raiders 2008 Squirt Blue shake it up and win championship...
Raiders 19U Girls Kick-Off Season with Higher Learning
While Girls 19U coaches Pat O'Hagan, Andrew Kucinich and Mike...
Stanley Cup Visits Reston Raiders & SkateQuest
The Reston Raiders had the opportunity to receive a visit from the...
Fox 5's Zip Trip Names Reston Raiders - Hometown Team
Fox 5's Morning Show was at Reston Town Center on Friday,...

Fairfax County Fire & Rescue is offering basic First Aid and CPR / AED certification courses again this year.  These courses, which were well-received last year, provide a great opportunity to learn valuable information.

Advance registration is required.  Details below.
First Aid Class:  Two date options -- Pick one:
Tuesday, October 30
Tuesday November 6

Skatequest (Party Room or Annex -- TBD)
Cost: $25 payable at online registration

CPR/AED Class:  Two date options -- pick one:
Monday October 29
Wednesday, November 7

Skatequest (Party Room or Annex -- TBD)
Cost: $25 payable at online registration

The classes follow the National Safety Council (NCS) curriculum and upon successful completion of each class, the participant will be certified for 3 years for First Aid and/or 2 years for CPR. Classes will be taught by Fairfax County Fire & Rescue instructors. A copy the curriculum can be found at the following link:

You can take them both or just take one.

Advance Registration is Required:

Tuesday, October 30 First Aid:

Tuesday November 6 First Aid:

Monday October 29 CPR/AED:

Wednesday, November 7 CPR/AED:

Or use the "register online" tab at Raiders website.

If a class is full, please register anyway to get on the wait list so we can move you into the class if there is a cancellation.

Thank you Fairfax County Fire & Rescue for putting this together for Raiders!

Questions?  Email


by posted 10/19/2018
Raiders Team Photos - Week of October 22nd

The Raiders will hold their annual photo week from October 22-26. All photos will take place on the Olympic rink throughout the week. Teams that practice on the Olympic rink will be using half ice while photos are being taken. Make sure you bring your game jerseys to the photo session. Travel teams need to decide whether to wear their White or Black jerseys.
If you cannot make the team photo the team managers or coaches should let the photographer know and they will arrange the team picture so they can be added in at a later time. If sibling players or coaches want to take pictures together with a player they can do so during one of the team photo sessions.
The photographer will have computers set up for on site ordering Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The RRHC photo home page is located at
The IP photo session will take place on Sunday, November 11, from 1:40-4:00 pm. This can also be used as a make up photo date.
If individuals missed their photo session or know they will miss their session then make ups will take place at the following times:
Thursday    6:30-6:45
Thursday    7:30
Please be on time for the make up sessions. Once there is no longer anyone in line they will begin tearing down photography equipment.
Please contact Don Hill with any questions:
Monday - October 22nd
6:00 Set up
6:30 8U House 1
6:45 8U House 2
7:00 8U House 3
7:15 8U House 4
7:30 8U House 5
7:45 8U House 6
8:00 14U House 4
8:15 14U House 2
8:30 14U House 3
8:45 14U House 1
9:00 Girls Silver 14U
9:15 14U 2004 Silver
9:30 16U Black
9:45 Break down
10:20 Ice cut
Tuesday - October 23rd
5:40 Set up
6:15 8U Black
6:30 10U 2008 Blue
6:45 10U 2009 Blue
7:00 12U 2006 Silver
7:15 12U 2007 Silver
7:30 12U 2006 Blue
7:45 12U 2007 Blue
8:00 16U Blue
8:15 16U Silver
8:30 14U 2004 Blue
8:45 14U 2005 Blue
9:00 Breakdown
10:00 Ice cut
Wednesday - October 24th
5:40 Set up
6:15 10U House 1
6:30 10U House 2
6:45 10U House 3
7:00 12U House 1
7:15 14U 2005 Silver
7:30 10U House 4
7:45 10U House 5
8:00 10U House 6
8:15 12U House 2
8:30 12U House 3
8:45 Girls Blue 19U
9:00 18U Blue
9:15 18U Silver
9:30 Breakdown
10:20 Ice cut
Thursday - October 25th
5:40 Set up
6:15 8U Silver
6:30 8U Blue
6:45 10U 2008 Silver
7:00 10U 2009 Silver
7:15 12U House 4/ 12U House 5/ 16U-18U House 1/16U-18U House 2/16U-18U House  3/16U-18U House 4
7:30 Make Up
----- Breakdown when no make ups in line anymore
Friday - October 26th
4:35 Set up
4:50 8U House 7
5:00 8U House 8
5:10 8U House 9
5:20 8U House 10
5:30 Breakdown
6:00 Ice cut
Sunday - November 11th
1:40-4:00 IP and make ups.

by posted 10/12/2018
Raiders 10U 2008 Blue Wins Congressional Cup

Reston Raiders 2008 Squirt Blue shake it up and win championship in the AA Squirt Division at the Congressional Cup Fall Classic tournament this past weekend.

The team played well on both sides of the ice and it showed as the Raiders came up with wins in all three games leading up to the championship game.  First, they faced off with the Carolina Eagles, defeating them 9-0.  Next up was PAL Blue Knights in a tight game but the Raiders prevailed and won with a score of 3-2. Last of the round robin, the Raiders went up against the Pittsburgh Predators and secured a 6-2 win.

The Raiders scored first, maintained composure, and came away with the win in all their games.  “This is such a special group of kids,” head coach Norm Faas said. “Their teamwork is amazing and the coaches are very proud of the way they all played as a TEAM.  That’s tough on our opponents.”

All weekend the Raiders played offensively strong and defensively smart to outscore their opponents, not to mention some amazing goal tending by their two goalies. In the championship game, the Raiders took an early lead with the first goal at 2:41; then another quick goal at 2:06 in the first period.  Raiders picked up another goal at 7:42 in the second before the Blue Knights would get their first and only goal of the game. Raiders fourth and final goal came at 6:55 in the third period.  Final score:  Raiders 4 – PAL Blue Knights 1.

The Raiders faced some feisty competition in this series of games but in the end… Raiders win!!  Shake It Up!!!!

Photo: Coaches (left to right) Norm Faas, Kris Ptak, Jon Cooper, Jason Reynolds, Steve Job (not pictured)
Players (back row, left to right) Max Reynolds, Colin Cestero, Calvin Wood, Sohil Kadam, Embry Eddy, Andy Zhang, Jack Hanson,  and Carter Faas; (front row, left to right) Jonah Bellis, Riley Shiner, Gavin Mullen, Philip Zurn, Chase Bourommavong, Dylan Job, and Trevor Cooper. Goalies (left to right) Owen Kinsel and Alex Ptak.

by posted 10/12/2018
Raiders 19U Girls Kick-Off Season with Higher Learning

While Girls 19U coaches Pat O'Hagan, Andrew Kucinich and Mike Donovan trekked to Lake Placid to earn their USA Hockey level 5 coaching certifications, coaches Brian Fields, Hannah Serruya and Steve Willey accompanied the team to the Penn State University's women's club showcase. The girls faced teams from the Steel City Selects (Pittsburgh) 16U and 19U along with the Princeton (N.J.) Tigers. The competition was tough and the newly formed team (who had practiced together for the first time just one day before the trip) improved with each game. The highlight of the trip came from a personalized lesson from PSU Girls Club Head Coach Jeremy Bean, assisted by sophomore players Crosby Deliman and Erin Bonner in the coveted Pegula Ice Arena. The girls 19U team is: Ella Busch, Margaret Depault, Sarah Ettinger, Rachael Fields, Phoebe Heaps, Susannah Hogan, Jody Liu, Sophia Mayer, Julia Mudryk, Lauren Norley, Aislinn O'Hagan, Chloe Shankle, Sofia Todaro, Kara Wann, Morgan Whitehorne, Katherine Willey. In the back row, coach Hannah Serruya, PSU sophomore Erin Bonner, PSU head coach Jeremy Bean, coach Steve Willey, PSU sophomore Crosby Deliman and holding the camera is coach Brian Fields.

by posted 08/28/2018
Stanley Cup Visits Reston Raiders & SkateQuest

The Reston Raiders had the opportunity to receive a visit from the Stanley Cup on July 15th. Washington Capitals Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mark Nemish and his family have been members of the Raiders for several years.

Mark's son Kendall plays in our Travel Program and will be on our 18U Blue Team this season.  Mark has also been running Off-Ice Training for several of our Travel Teams each season for several years. Coach Nemish had his day with the Cup on Sunday, July 15th and gracious offered to share a portion of his time with the Cup with the Raiders.

Due to the short window of time and large size of the Raiders program, the Club decided to invite Raiders Members who had served a signficant volunteer role last season (Coach, Team Managers, Injury Liasions, House Commissioners, Board and few other volunteers) an opportunity to come see the Cup and have a photos taken with the Cup.

We'd like to thank Kathryn Burch and Caroline Wildman for volunteering to take photos and would like to thank Coach Nemish for thinking of the Raiders and sharing a portion of his day with the Cup with the Raiders organization.


by kevin burch posted 07/18/2018
Fox 5's Zip Trip Names Reston Raiders - Hometown Team

Fox 5's Morning Show was at Reston Town Center on Friday, June 22nd as part of their Zip Trip series.  They spotlighted the Reston Raiders as their Hometown Team.

The video of the segment is below:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" href="" https:="" key="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" "="" mozallowfullscreen="" player="" prod="" scrolling="no" src="" v3="""" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="640">



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