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The Raiders, a non-profit organization, skate out of SkateQuest of Reston. It is a twin-rink facility just off the Dulles Toll Road in Reston, well-positioned to serve the Northern Virginia and metro D.C. area. Read More

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Stanley Cup Visits Reston Raiders & SkateQuest
The Reston Raiders had the opportunity to receive a visit from the...
House Registration - Returning Members Can Register July 1
NEW!!!!!!! 2018-19 House Registration Reston Raiders House Program The...
Initiation Program Information for the 2018-19 Season
The Reston Raiders Initiation Program (IP) is offered to...
Fox 5's Zip Trip Names Reston Raiders - Hometown Team
Fox 5's Morning Show was at Reston Town Center on Friday,...
Summer Hockey Training Options at Loudoun Ice Centre
There are a number of great summer training options being offered...
Raiders Travel Selections for 2018-2019 Season
Thank you to all the players who participated in tryouts this week!! The...
Stanley Cup Visits Reston Raiders & SkateQuest

The Reston Raiders had the opportunity to receive a visit from the Stanley Cup on July 15th. Washington Capitals Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mark Nemish and his family have been members of the Raiders for several years.

Mark's son Kendall plays in our Travel Program and will be on our 18U Blue Team this season.  Mark has also been running Off-Ice Training for several of our Travel Teams each season for several years. Coach Nemish had his day with the Cup on Sunday, July 15th and gracious offered to share a portion of his time with the Cup with the Raiders.

Due to the short window of time and large size of the Raiders program, the Club decided to invite Raiders Members who had served a signficant volunteer role last season (Coach, Team Managers, Injury Liasions, House Commissioners, Board and few other volunteers) an opportunity to come see the Cup and have a photos taken with the Cup.

We'd like to thank Kathryn Burch and Caroline Wildman for volunteering to take photos and would like to thank Coach Nemish for thinking of the Raiders and sharing a portion of his day with the Cup with the Raiders organization.


by kevin burch posted 07/18/2018
House Registration - Returning Members Can Register July 1

NEW!!!!!!! 2018-19 House Registration

Reston Raiders House Program
The Reston Raiders Hockey Club exists to provide opportunities for boys and girls of all skill levels to play ice hockey, from the beginning player to the highly skilled player. The Raiders seek to instill in every child a love for the game of hockey, with a commitment to fair play and sportsmanship. The Club also is committed to helping each child with the development of personal and social skills. The Raiders want to exemplify the principles and philosophies of USA Hockey and, through coaching excellence, to develop the finest youth hockey players possible. The Club is committed to providing a fun environment for players of all ages and skills, with equal opportunity for all. Our key philosophy is “Fun Hockey for Kids.”

The House program is offered to children at the 8U/Mite, 10U/Squirt, 12U/Peewee, 14U/Bantam and 16U&18U/Midget levels. For the 2018-19 season, that includes children born between 2000-2012.

2018-19 House Registration
Reston Raiders House Registration for returning member families* who played in the 2017-2018 fall season will open Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 9:00AM.  Registration for players waitlisted for the 2017-2018 fall season and/or 2018 Spring House players will open on August 1st at 9:00AM, and registration for new members will open on August 5, 2018 at 9:00AM. 

Only those qualifying for returning fall member status (and their siblings)* may register July 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018. If returning members fail to register timely, their place in the club cannot be guaranteed.  The window from July 1st to July 31st does not guarantee open spots for those 31 days, rather it is a reserved time for returning members to attempt registration.  Therefore, those returning members seeking to obtain a spot should register as soon as it opens on July 1st.  This applies to EVERYONE, including coaches.  We are grateful that our program is so popular that it is filling to capacity almost immediately upon opening of registration. But what this means is that we can no longer accommodate late registrations for existing members, as it makes the numbers on the teams unmanageable.  So register as soon as it opens to ensure your child gets to play in the fall


  • July 1 (9:00 AM) to July 31: Returning Member Status Priority Registration (returning Fall season Raiders families AND/OR returning Fall 2016 families that were waitlisted Fall 2017 AND/OR siblings of current fall house returning players AND/OR siblings of new travel players)
  • August 1 (9:00 AM) - August 4 (Returning Spring season only families - did not play previous Fall AND/OR Fall waitlisted families new to RRHC)
  • August 5 (9:00 AM)  (New Members)


*Please note: Players who were waitlisted Fall 2017 AND played Fall 2016 are eligible for priority registration on July 1. We also extend returning player status to siblings of returning players. Siblings of new travel players may register for our House program during priority registrationIf you are unsure about when your player can register, please contact the Registrar at  .


To register, players will need a 2018-19 USAH registration number. A USAH # is not needed to be added to the waitlist, only to register.


2018-19 House Season
The Fall House League season runs from early September to the middle of February.  10U/Squirts through 16U&18U/Midgets season will culminate in the House playoffs and Championship game where medals will be awarded to the finalists.  8U/Mites will not have playoffs and all 8U/Mites will receive medals at their last house game.   

The season will start with the mandatory evaluation skates. 8U/Mite evaluations will take place on Wednesday 9/5/2018 and Friday 9/7/2018.  The 10U/Squirts, 12U/Peewees, 14U/Bantams and 16U&18U/Midgets will have evaluation skates on Saturday 9/8/2018 and House goalie evaluations will take place Sunday 9/9/2018, the schedule for which will be posted shortly.  The House Draft will occur on Thursday 9/13/2018 where the coaches will draft balanced teams.  Within a few days from the draft, players will be notified by the coaches as to their team assignment (which may change after the Jamboree) and first team practice.  House practices will start on 9/17/2018. On Saturday 9/22/18 and Sunday 9/23/18 there will be a round robin Jamboree where for the 10U/Squirts, 12U/Peewees, 14U/Bantams and 16U&18U/Midgets where teams play short games against every other team at the age level.  8U/Mites will not have a Jamboree.  The Jamboree will allow coaches the best opportunity to assess whether drafted teams are balanced; and if not, then they will have better information on how best to create balanced teams by moving players to other teams.  As such, the initial team selections this season will be tentative and the club may move players to different teams based on the Jamboree.  Team jerseys will not be provided to players until after the Jamboree and after team rosters are finalized.  Please note, that there will be no players moved based on parental request, all moves will be made by coaches in the interest of balancing teams.  The first official start of house games is scheduled to be on 10/8/18.

For questions regard house, contact Director of House Administration at  .

For questions regarding registration contact Gayle Job at  .

                                2018-2019  House Program Divisions and Fees:                                             





Born in 2010, 2011, 2012



Born in 2008 or 2009



Born in 2006 or 2007



Born in 2004 or 2005



Born in 2000 - 2003



House Program Skill Level Details
Participants in the House program should have graduated from the Raiders Initiation Program, but at a minimum should have prior hockey experience (camps or lessons) and/or should have skating skills as established in the Learn to Skate program at SkateQuest (or equivalent) or the Star 1 / Pre-Alpha Level.  Please refer to for the skills chart and conversion sheet.   If a parent of a player who is of 8U/Mite or 10U/Squirt age is uncertain of whether they have the requisite skills for the house program or it is unclear to the Raider Registrar whether a player has the requisite skill, an evaluation by the IP Director will be made and the director will determine whether the player is ready for the house program or needs to be placed in the Initiation Program.  Last season's IP players must have been given notice of graduation in order to sign up for the House program.  Please contact the IP Director at   for questions regarding the requisite skills needed and evaluation requests. 

Prior to being placed on a team, all players must attend an evaluation skate on 9/8/2018 which is used in the selection of the Houseteams to enable the coaches to form even-strength teams.  The evaluations also will be used to determine the readiness of a player to participate in the House program.  Players who, in the evaluation skate, are determined to not have the skill level to participate at the level at which they are trying out, will be provided the option to move to a lower level, to the Initiation Program or to withdraw completely from the program.  Any monetary balance will be refunded. Please note that participation in the Initiation Program is not an option at the 12U/PeeWee, 14U/Bantam and 16U&18U/Midget Levels.

8U/Mite House Details
The Raiders expect to field 10 8U/Mite House teams in two different divisions during the 2018-2019 season.  Four teams will participate in the Campbell Division and six in the Patrick Division.  The Campbell Division generally will be comprised of older, more experienced players, including Mite Blue and Silver travel players, while the Patrick Division will be comprised of younger and less experienced players, including players rising from the Club’s Initiation Program.  The division in which a player will play during the season will be determined following 8U/Mite evaluation practices, which take place at the beginning of the season.  During the first few weeks of the season, players may be assigned to different teams and different divisions as coaches attempt to create balanced teams and place players in the division that provides them with the best opportunity to improve their skills.

The coaches and evaluators will recommend a player play in either the Campbell or Patrick Division based on which division would provide that player with the best opportunity to develop his or her skills.  The goals are to ensure that players receive the most appropriate age-level and skill-level instruction, to maximize the number of “touches” on the puck the player will experience in practice and in games and to provide the optimum game and practice environment for that player not only to develop his or her hockey skills, but also to have fun and enjoy the game of hockey.

Campbell Division teams and Patrick Division teams will share practice ice during the season.  Practices generally will be station-based and follow USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM), as players will rotate through stations with players of similar skill and experience as well as players on their team.  Coaches may structure some practices so that each team on the ice conducts drills, including cross ice games, only with their team.

Practices will take place once a week on Monday evenings and will be 50-60 minutes in length.

Campbell Division:  The Campbell Division teams will play 3vs3 or 4vs4 cross-ice games on Saturday or Sunday mornings, including some games at Reston Town Center’s outdoor rink.  During games, coaches will attempt to match lines so that players of similar experience and skill play against each other.  Coaches may swap players from their teams in order to help ensure a competitive environment that optimizes skill development.  Coaches also may swap players to create even numbered teams in case one team is missing several of its players.

Patrick Division: The Patrick Division teams will play 3vs3 or 4vs4 cross-ice games on Saturday or Sunday mornings, including some games at Reston Town Center’s outdoor rink.  During games, coaches will attempt to match lines so that players of similar experience and skill play against each other.  Coaches may swap players from their teams in order to help ensure a competitive environment that optimizes skill development.  Coaches also may swap players to create even numbered teams in case one team is missing several of its players.

Practice for House Program
Below are the planned days and start times for practices for each level in the 2018- 2019 House Program.  Days and times may change depending on numbers at registration.  Notwithstanding, House league practices are once a week at the same day/time each week.


8U/Mites will practice Mondays or Fridays as follows

(upper division teams are 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Teams 1, 2, 3, & 4: Mondays at 6:00PM-7:20PM OLY

Teams 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: Fridays at 4:35-6:00PM OLY


10U/Squirts will practice Wednesdays as follows

Teams 1, 2 & 3: 5:40-7:00PM OLY

Teams 4, 5 & 6: 7:10-8:30PM OLY


12U/Peewees will practice Wednesdays or Fridays as follows

Team 1: Wednesdays at 6:10-7:30PM NHL

Teams 2 & 3: Wednesdays at 7:40-9:00PM NHL

Teams 4 & 5: Fridays at 6:00-7:20PM NHL


14U/Bantams will practice Mondays as follows

Teams 1 & 2: 6:10-7:50PM NHL (there will be a combined portion of the practice with all four teams from 7:10-7:50PM)

Teams 3 & 4: 7:10-9:00PM NHL (there will be a combined portion of the practice with all four teams from 7:10-7:50PM)


16U & 18U/Midgets will have approximately 4 practices throughout the season.


Email special requests to the Director of House Administration at  , by September 1, 2018.  No request will be able to be considered if received after September 1st.  Please note that we will do our best to accommodate those requests.  However, balancing our teams to ensure fair play and optimum player development is of paramount importance and will take precedence as coaches select the teams and finalize rosters.

Games for the House Program
8U/Mite, 10U/Squirt, and 12U/Peewee House players will play Saturday mornings anytime between 6:00AM-12:40PM depending on the weekend.   14U/Bantams and 16U&18U/Midgets usually play Sunday night, but will occasionally have 6:00AM Sunday games.  There is not a fixed time for any of a team's games and game times change from weekend to weekend.  However, our goal is to minimize the number of 6:00AM games and ensure that every team will play an equal amount of early games. 

Volunteer Opportunities
Parents interested in serving as house commissioners should notify the Director of House Administration at  , as soon as possible.  Those duties will start with the evaluation skate sessions on Saturday 9/8/2018.  There are also opportunities to serve as team managers and injury liaisons.  Once you are notified of your player’s team selection, you can submit your name to your coach for consideration in serving in one of these vital rolls.  Training sessions for team managers and injury liaisons will occur the first weeks of practice.  If you want to volunteer, but need something with less of a time commitment, you can help with the picnic on 9/8/18 or help man a check in table at house evaluation skate sessions.  If interested notify the John Gary, Director of House Administration at , as soon as possible.

Special Note to Inline Skaters 
We have found that experienced inline skaters make a smooth transition to ice hockey.  If your child does well in roller hockey they will likely do well in ice hockey. The House evaluation process in September places each skater in the appropriate program based on age, size and skill level, and may include the recommendation that the skater play up/down from their age category or participate in the Initiation Program.  Players must register for the House level appropriate to their birth year.  For more information, contact the Raiders by email at    or John Gary, Director of House Administration at

Discount Information
Sibling Discount:  1st sibling $100 discount, 2nd sibling $150 discount, 3rd sibling $200 discount.  Sibling discounts will automatically be applied if a sibling is participating in any other Raider program during the same season.  Due to the discounted fee of the Initiation Program, the discount will not apply for siblings in IP.  The sibling discount will automatically apply to families provided they use the same email address/account to register all players.

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Initiation Program Information for the 2018-19 Season

The Reston Raiders Initiation Program (IP) is offered to all skaters aged 4-10 (2008-2014 birth years). The program is based on the USA Hockey American Development Model for learning to play ice hockey and is designed to teach players the fundamentals of the game in a fun and supportive environment.  This program is designed for children who have little to no experience skating or playing organized ice hockey and it is intended as a pre-requisite for those children who wish to join the Raiders House league recreational hockey programs and our Travel Program.

Registration Dates for 2018 – 2019 Season

7/1 – Registration opens for returning members @ 9:00am

8/1 – Registration opens for waitlisted members from last season @ 9:00am

8/5 – Registration opens for new members @ 9:00am


The Goals of the Program are:

  • To have fun and grow a passion for the game.
  • To learn the fundamental skills required to play the game of hockey - skating, puck handling, scoring, body contact, passing.
  • To develop players so they are prepared to take the next steps to play in the Raiders Travel or House Programs
  • To be introduced to the concepts of cooperation and fair play.

Program Focus

The program will focus on the basic skills required to play hockey.  These include:

  • Skating – forward stride, backward stride, stopping, agility, balance, coordination
  • Stickhandling and Puck Protection – fundamentals of stickhandling and how to keep possession of the puck
  • Passing – fundamentals of passing, including technique and different types of passing with a focus on forehand and backhand passes
  • Scoring – teaching shooting basics (wrist shot and backhand) as well as scoring concept
  • Body contact – Hockey is a physical game and while checking is not permitted until 14U, players at all levels will be instructed on how to use body contact as a key skill. 

What does my child get out of this program?
The program emphasizes the basic hockey skills: skating, puck handling, passing, scoring and body contact. Each skill is introduced and refined in a progressive one step at a time manner. Children learn and develop through participating in practice drills and informal and modified games (such as shinny, freeze tag and obstacle courses). Although the emphasis is on fun and progressive skill development, the Initiation Program also allows youngsters to experience “real hockey” situations.


Program Structure
The Initiation Program (IP) will be led by USA Hockey Certified coaches from the Reston Raiders Hockey Club and it is divided into two divisions based upon age and experience.

Initiation Program 1 (IP1)

IP1 is intended for younger children (4 – 7 years old) with no hockey experience.  The IP1 group will practice one time per week on Sunday afternoons.  Younger players (e.g. 4 and 5-years of age) may repeat IP1 and do not need to move on the IP2.  All players born in 2014 should register for IP1.

Initiation Program 2 (IP2)

IP2 is intended for older children (6 – 10 years old) with some hockey/skating experience. Older players with limited skating/playing experience may also enroll in IP2.  The IP2 group will practice two times per week.  The first skate will be on Saturday mornings.  These sessions will mirror our 8U house program games and begin to prepare players for our House and Travel programs.  Players will practice skating and then be divided into teams and play 3v3 cross-ice games for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.  On Sunday afternoon, the players will attend a station-based practice with games and drills designed to improve their fundamental skills. Completion of IP1 is required unless your child is 7 years or older.

If you need assistance determining which IP session is the correct fit for your child, please email   – please include your child’s birth year and hockey/skating experience.  The Raiders coaching staff will do an initial evaluation on all the IP players at the beginning of the year to ensure your player is in the correct session.  We may ask that some players move from IP1 to IP2 and vice-versa depending on ability and what we believe is the best environment for your child to develop. 

Both IP sessions will start in late September and end in late February/early March.

Children will be evaluated at the end of the IP season to determine if they have the requisite skill level to join the Reston Raiders House or Travel programs. The main factor used to determine the recommendation for the next step in your child’s hockey career is to decide which environment would be best for the development of your child as a hockey player.  A child who does not “graduate” to our House program is not a failure or “behind” – many of our most skilled Raider players at the 8U through 18U levels took multiple years of IP – your IP player is at the very beginning of hopefully a long hockey career.  We strive to create an environment where each child enjoys the great game of hockey and looks forward to coming to the rink and leaves the rink with a smile.  The IP program is all about developing players, developing a passion for the game, and… about smiles.  After all, it’s always a great day to play hockey!

Volunteer Coaches

Our program is dependent on adults willing to volunteer their time to help the kids learn to play the great game of hockey.  We greatly appreciate all the volunteers from previous seasons who come back to help. You will not be stuck out there by yourself, experienced Raider coaches will plan and lead the sessions. If you would like to volunteer, please email   so we can put you on the list – no previous hockey experience is necessary, ability to stand up and move around on skates is very beneficial, patience and a desire to have fun with the kids is required. 

Required equipment

  • Hockey Shorts - Jock/Jill (with Velcro to hold up hockey socks)
  • Skates
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey pants
  • Hockey Socks
  • Shoulder pads (small, not overbearing)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Hockey helmet with cage/facemask
  • Hockey Stick

The Reston Raiders will provide a stick to all IP participants (to be distributed at the Orientation Session).

Optional equipment


Neck protection (hockey neck guard)


Washington Capitals/NHL Learn to Play Equipment Program

The Washington Capitals have scaled back their learn-to-play free equipment program and the Raiders will not be receiving the equipment package this year. Please visit the Skatequest Pro shop for your equipment needs. All Initiation Program Players will be provided with a new stick at the IP Orientation Meeting in September.


Additional Resources

  • USA Hockey has a Parent Guide with some good information. You can access it via this link: USA Hockey Parent Guide
  • An instructional video on how to dress your new hockey player – How to Dress Youth Hockey Players for Practice
  • The Reston Raiders host an annual equipment swap where you can find gently used youth hockey gear for very reasonable prices.  The equipment swap usually takes place in early September (prior to the IP season start) and details will be posted on the Raiders website.


For more information, contact the Raiders by email to the Club's 

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Fox 5's Zip Trip Names Reston Raiders - Hometown Team

Fox 5's Morning Show was at Reston Town Center on Friday, June 22nd as part of their Zip Trip series.  They spotlighted the Reston Raiders as their Hometown Team.

The video of the segment is below:



by posted 06/22/2018
Summer Hockey Training Options at Loudoun Ice Centre

There are a number of great summer training options being offered at Loudoun Ice Centre this summer.  Click on the link below to see the flyers and information on each option:

2018 Goalie Academy Summer Camps

2018 Progressive Hockey Development Summer Camps

Hat Trick Hockey League 3v3 Hockey

by posted 06/16/2018
Raiders Travel Selections for 2018-2019 Season

Thank you to all the players who participated in tryouts this week!!

The Reston Raiders would like to congratulate the following players for being selected to travel teams for the 2018-2019 Season:


8U Blue
Nathan Abrantes
Yazan Abutaa
Ronnie Bandi
Carter Bennett
Matthew Brown
Senzo Cesari
Natalie Chappell
Jakob Donovan
Tyler Hardman
DoWon Lee
RJ Lester
Jonathan Petzold
Levi Siderys
Daniel Siff
Henry Stember
Max Sukhenko
Alex Van Horn
Ace Wedlund
Nicholas Woodward
10U 2008 Blue
Jonah Bellis
Chase Bourammavong
Colin Cestero
Trevor Cooper
Embry Eddy
Carter Faas
Jack Hanson
Dylan Job
Sohil Kadam
Owen Kinsel
Gavin Mullen
Alexander Ptak
Max Reynolds
Riley Shiner
Calvin Wood
Andy Zhang
Phillip Zurn
10U 2009 Blue
William Abrantes
Parker Bashford
Calvin Crosson
Clark Crosson
Gavin Greathouse
Ryan Jarvis
Ben Labbe
Max Markakos
Connor Murtha
Ben Pollack
Ryker Rieling
Ben Schaffer
Joey Scodellaro
Carter Scott
Conner Sestak
Lucas Trachtenberg
10U 2008 Silver
Aaron Chen
Marcus Chun
Maya Dutton
Zachary Fairbanks
Charles Fortner
Campbell Hegerty
Gabriel Huang
Clara Kang
Michael Lowen
Brenden Mullaly
Michael Murphy
Ethan O'Brien
William Odell
Akshay Setty
Sienna Sung
Owen Taylormoore
Dylan Van Horn
10U 2009 Silver
Maisy Alford
Aris Batres
Nicholas Dutton
Jihan Eksi
Camden Felmey
Brendan Heflin
Kaj Horowitz
Jack Juncker
Liv Murray
Zayden Roe
Camden Ueltschy
Chris Vaughan
Noah White
Max Williams
12U 2006 Blue
Hunter Bauer
Kai Blevins
Alex Bovim
Max Cusick
Graham Haberl
Peter Kuligowski
Vincent Lowery
Carson Marr
Connor Morgan
Benjamin Norton
Amadeo Pivonka
Brendan Robinson
Vincent Scodellaro
Rocco Somma
Peter Turner
Christopher Valko
Aleksey Zubarev
12U 2007 Blue
Lucas Abrantes
Will Annexstad
Colin Barnett
Jackson Brown
Sam Ettinger
Thomas George III
Markus Kim
Noah Lawson
Everett Liu
Alex Markva
Jackson Mika
Augustus Simanson
Liam Slattery
Harrison Smith
Jack Spiess
Tyler Waterman
Alex Whitlock
12U 2006 Silver
Phillip Alexeev
Kacey Blum
Ethan Chappell
Zach Digidio
Nicco Evangelista
Caleb Gould
Aidan Jacques
Jake Moser
Nathan Raeside
Jay Rennyson
Mackie Repke
Jack Reynolds
Spencer Rose
Will Rose
Winston Sweet
Ben Tescher
Zach Tescher
Maddie Wojciak
12U 2007 Silver
Drew Barbieri
Mannix Carew
Taizo Cesari
Carson Day
Jonas Donovan
Sean Fagan
Liam Jarvis
Andrew Kim
Christian Kim
Nathan Koborg
Jordan Koller
Axel Lundback
Alex Oehm
Sean O'Riley
Dean Pomeroy
Owen Slamowitz
Hayden White
14U 2004 Blue
Patrick Adams
Ian Ashley
Jack Biggs
George Bilidas
Curtis Boykin Jr.
Garret Cole
Jacob Davidovits
Jack Deutsch
Aidan Dwyer
Jake Engel
Leo Quattrone
Ethan Rostker
Ishaan Sethi
Ryan Shiner
Bryce Sidhu
Ethan Slamowitz
Leo Steiner
Jack Teuschl

14U 2005 Blue
Aiden Arbuckle
Jackson Barbieri
Ryan Christiano
Hunter Day
Tucker Forrest
Russell Garczynski
Tommy Guthrie
Jason Ivey
Austin Markva
Conner McCarthy
Gavin Oglesby
Hunter Oglesby
Robert Prame
Matthew Reinke
Gavin Rieger
Sam Segar
Maddox Sheehan
Treyton Vita
14U 2004 Silver
Jacob Alford
Brayden Art
Ben Cowell
Joe Donovan
Jack Ettinger
Rowan Foose
JT Gary
Sean Hanson
Chris Hildebrand
Jiwoon Jang
Timothy Nguyen-Trang
Dillon Segal
Will Tomlinson
Nolan Wilson
Alex Wojciak
Noah Yanowitch
Alston Zhang
14U 2005 Silver
Alex Ayers
Christopher Barnes
Noah Bellis
Austin Berg
Takuro Cesari
Nick Cooper
Carson Edington
Trogon Friedenson
Frank Harman
Theodore Kurowski
Derek Lewis
Alexander Mavris
Dylan Osterberg
Jack Powers
Finn Rezendes
Ryler Roe
Ethan Zhang
16U Blue
Riley Burch
Zachary Cash
Joseph Cyrulik
Luke Elliott
Matthew Guidash
Benji Harris
Ethan Hoffman
Nick Howe
Daniel Koester
Scott Klein
Andrew Kurowski
Colin Lee
Camron Nemati
Peter Sjoberg
Carter Thompson
Nick Willey
Adam Wojciak
16U Silver
Atticus Beane
Tommy Fisher
Colin Franciszkowicz
Jacob Hill
Daniel Hoh-Hill
Simon Kluger
Sasha Lawrence
Noah Loggia
Dan Morgan
Matt Palmieri
Matt Prame
Jacob Rose
Michael Shin
Hunter Spicer
Logan Valentin
Daniel Veretenov
Maxim Veretenov
Brendan Wheeler
16U Black
Garrett Bain
Norman Boykin
Rafe Burns
Callie Cahill
Wilkie Cook
Jack Dougan
Brennan Hall
Jake Levy
Zachary Matney
Jack Mercer
Derick Osterberg
Collin Rottman
Josh Scurlock
Matvey Shakula
Colby Smith
Lachlan Sterling
Charlie Tourbaf
Max Volkov
18U Blue
Payton Andrews
Austin Ayers
Skyler Batchelor
Luke Borostovik
Timothy Bryan
Glenn Campagna
Max Campbell
Michael Crespy
Jordan Dinesman
Robert Dubay
Trimble Ezzard
Jackson France
Vincent Giordano
Benjamin Hoh-Hill
Andrew Johnson
Cameron Meyer
Kendall Nemish
Luke Pohlman
Chris Vermont
18U Silver
William Albrittain
Jayson Diner
Jack Donovan
Ryan Hill
Sam Levy
Ian McCormack
Ciaran Morris
Ben Osborne
Joseph Ramos
Matthew Regan
Keegan Sweeney
Jack Tatum
Chook-boke Underdal
Greyson Vesper
Grant Warner
Girls Blue 19U
Margaret Depault
Sarah Ettinger
Rachael Fields
Phoebe Heaps 
Susannah Hogan
Isabel Hootselle
Jody Liu
Sophia Mayer  
Julia Mudryk
Lauren Norley 
Aislinn O'Hagan
Chloe Shankle
Bridgit Terry
Sofia Todaro
Kara Wann
Katherine Willey
Girls Silver 14U
Emma Arbuckle
Angela Barrass
Lila Cahill
Sylvie Fountaine
Brooke Goldfeder
Leila Hansen
Johanna Hostetler
Makenna Kelly
Maya Lerner
Lauren Martino
Keirya O’Hagan
Susan Rotherham
Maya Quinn Seymour
Camryn Sidhu
Grayton Simanson
Meghan Toner
Campbell Thompson
Sara Wellborn


All players listed on the roster must click on the “Register Online” button and register for the 2018-2019 Travel Season and make their first payment no later than June 18th.  The registration link will be available no later than Monday Morning, June 11th.

by posted 06/09/2018
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