Fun Hockey For Kids

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The Reston Raiders  Initiation Program is offered to all skaters generally aged 4 and older. The program is based on the USA Hockey model for learning to play ice hockey in a fun and supportive environment and is open to children with 2007 – 2013 birth years.  This program is designed for children who have little to no experience playing organized ice hockey and it is intended as a pre-requisite for those children who wish to join the Raiders house league recreational hockey programs.


The Goals of the Program are:

  • To have fun while playing hockey and engaging in physical activity.
  • To learn the basic skills required to play the game of hockey.
  • To develop an understanding of basic teamwork through participation in a variety of activities and adapted game situations.
  • To be introduced to the concepts of cooperation and fair play.


Program Focus

The program will focus on the basic skills required to play hockey.  These include:

  • Skating
  • Puck Handling
  • Stopping
  • Passing
  • Turning
  • Shooting

What does my child get out of this program?
The program emphasizes the basic hockey skills: skating, puck handling, passing and shooting. Each skill is introduced and refined in a progressive one step at a time manner. Children learn and develop through participating in practice drills and informal and modified games (such as shinny, freeze tag and obstacle courses). Although the emphasis is on fun and progressive skill development, the Initiation Program also allows youngsters to experience “real hockey” situations. 

Program Structure
The Initiation Program (IP) will be led by USA Hockey Certified coaches from the Reston Raiders Hockey Club and it is divided into two divisions

Initiation Program 1 (IP1)

IP1 is intended for younger children (4 – 7 years old) with no hockey experience.  The IP1 group will practice one time per week.  The cost for IP 1 will be $275.

Initiation Program 2 (IP2)

IP2 is intended for older children (8 – 11 years old) with no hockey experience and younger children with limited experience.  Completion of IP1 is required for younger children.  The IP2 group will practice two times per week. The cost for IP 2 will be $527.

The program will start in late September and run through February.

Required equipment

  • Skates
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey pants
  • Shoulder pads (small, not overbearing)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Hockey helmet with cage/facemask
  • Hockey Stick

Optional equipment


Neck protection (hockey neck guard)


Washington Capitals Learn to Play Equipment Program

We're excited to share that the Washington Capitals and NHL will be providing free equipment to players in our Initiation Program this year!!  All NEW IP 1 players, who are participating in our Initiation Program for the first time, will receive a free set of equipment for the season.  The equipment will include: skates, helmet, shoulder, elbow and shin pads, hockey pants, socks and a jersey.  The players will also receive a bag and stick, all provided by CCM, the Washington Capitals and the NHL.  

In order to receive the equipment package, players will need to first register for Initiation on the Raiders webpage, on or after August 8th.  A portion of the Raiders IP fees will be collected at that time.  Then players will need to register on the Washington Capitals Learn to Play website (additional information and registration link to be available soon).  At that time a $100 fee (remaining portion of Raiders IP fees).  All players will then work with the Raiders to be fitted for their equipment package.  Players would receive thier equipment kits at the IP Orientation Meeting on September 17th.


Registration Dates

7/1 – Registration opens for returning members

8/1 – Registration opens for waitlisted members from last season

8/8 – Registration opens for new members

9/17 - IP Orientation Meeting at SkateQuest

9/24 - IP Sessions begin


USA Hockey has a Parent Guide with some good information. You can access it via this link: USA Hockey Parent Guide


For more information, contact the Raiders by email to the Club's